Supercolors: Pharrel Williams x Adidas

It was a lovely (and unusual) sunny afternoon in London and I was wandering in Soho, I don’t know if you guys have ever visited this amazing multicultural district, but if you haven’t I really advise you to do it next time you will find yourself in London.

I had a delicious chocolate treat at Godiva and immediately started my shopping journey;

I obviously entered the Adidas original store (I adore Adidas sweatshirts) and there I found love in a hopeless place…

I’m sure you are wondering what I am talking about…

I have fallen in love with  Pharrel Williams’ x Adidas new collection of sneakers.

They are a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

He has redone  the classic  silhouette  of the Superstars in 50 different colors.


Can you imagine?

You will be choosing among 6 shades of blues or oranges like never before.

I got the Red ones because I am a girl addicted to red, but trust me whatever color is your favorite you will find it.

I miraculously found my size but I must warn  you that they were almost sold out, so if you really want to get a pair rush out or order them online. 


Pharrel also designed a line of sweatshirts and pants with the same concept but unfortunately they are only for men.

He posted a few words to explain the reason for such a varied choice: ” Supercolor is a celebration of equality through diversity (…) No matter what color you choose, you can be part of Supercolor. Choose your color”


So? Are you still reading?

Hurry up and get your personal colorful trainers to welcome this upcoming summer at best!

Ilaria Corbari


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