5 Stages Of Transitioning From Your A/W Closet To Your S/S Closet

Spring has finally arrived, the fact that every single fashion blogger has already shared a perfectly staged picture of him/her with a bunch of colorful and tasteful blooming tulips is undeniable proof that it is time to switch from your cozy chic winter outfits that you perfected the entire cold season to a more colorful and playful wardrobe. Fashion week was almost a month ago! It is practically summer in the fashion world so you better hurry up and do what you got to do: spring closet transition!


And I know every online fashion magazine has already published a guide for your spring wardrobe transition or tips for your spring cleaning extravaganza but I also know that ain’t nobody got time for that (cit.) and that some of those tips are actually ridiculous and impossible to try if you have a normal life style with a job/family/school/whatever else that is more important than stage your closet like a fashion editorial picture.


So I’m not going to pretend to be better than you all and I’ll be honest with you because all of these phases are completely normal and no shame in your game if you too have experienced that weird feeling of “What the heck am I going to wear today?!” when you check the meteo and find out that outside is a lot warmer than you expected it to be. Brace yourself spring is coming.

1. Surprise: “Wait what? Is it spring already?! I wasn’t expecting spring in at least not for another 15 days!”.
Isn’t it just funny? One day your coat game is on point and the day after people are going around in t-shirts and sandals! No metter how meticulously you try to prepare yourself for spring it will always sneak up on you and bloom at the wrong moment. And when you’re going out after two weeks of intense studying to finally confront that terrible and scary exam, you also have the problem of picking out an outfit that won’t make you sweat like you’ve ran the Boston marathon by the time you’ve got off the metro.


2. Denial: “It can be that warm! I’m sure that if I’ll dress like it’s June already in two hours I’ll be freezing and cursing myself for not being smart enough to wear a coat!”.
You wish. It is actually that warm, oh wait except in a few hours it won’t be at all, and this afternoon? It’ll be sunny and hot just like the 1st of July baby, don’t even worry about it, actually don’t even try, because there is no way you’ll get the right combination that’ll be cozy enough and light enough to keep you warm and comfortable with your sweat factor all day.

43f9176af66f2427253ff313cf0659b73. Panic: “Oh my God! OH.MY.GOD. It’s getting so late! What am I gonna wear?! Please help Instagram! Shower me with some fashion blogger tips or copycat styles! Please!”.
Ahah. Funny. Did you really think Instragam could help you? Oh sweet child of mine on that app you’ll only find envy and angst. Because those girls/boys that we look at in search of inspiration for an #ootd, they don’t live a normal life, they are just like models on a magazine, they’ll freeze in that cute floral dress/khaki dandy pants for about half an hour taking those pictures and then catch an Uber to go back to their warm loft! Not to mention the fact that you don’t own the latest Giambattista Valli couture mini floral dress or that 600 euro Borsalino hat.


 4. Frustration: “Damn I look so wrong in this weird outfit out here on the streets with all these perfectly-dress-for-spring-time people…!”.
Here we are. You tried and you failed. You picked a weird-looking combination of colors and fabrics trying to be fashionable but you feel like you did everything  wrong and end up looking like a Sesame Street character. Even if you don’t actually look that bad or even if there are other people around you in the same frustrating condition, you simply don’t see them. You feel like the only one dumb enough to have believed that was already time for that summery dress or those beach shoes. Everyone makes mistakes, don’t be sad, tomorrow you’ll try again. Oh, right. Your room is a mess because you searched your whole closet trying to find something to wear and you have to fix it… Well you can always call in sick right?


5. Acceptance: “Screw it! I’ll just wear my jeans and a nice sweater!”.
Probably the best choice from the beginning. Transition to spring is always so frustrating with all those fashion expectations on magazines and on Instagram and with all the new summer trends you can’t wait to try and ended up wearing all at the same time in the same – wrong – day, you probably just needed to put comfort before fashion, after all it’s not like you live in a fashion shoot and in a couple of weeks you’ll be able to wear all the pretty dresses/shirts you dreamed about during the cold months. Just keep hanging on.

Lisa Cantore


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