10 Stunning Gowns In Movies

Ok time to confess: last week I went to see Cinderella. I know, don’t judge me, I was the eldest toddler at the cinema, and the lady selling ticket asked me if I was sure I didn’t want to watch something else, but I want to come clean on this one and I’ll say it: I went with my mom – because, Cinderella, movie, duh?! Who else was I supposed to go with?! – we sat in the last row and we truly, deeply enjoyed the whole movie. It was an amazing night, it might sounds cheesy but going with my mom made the whole thing very sweet – here I am a 21 years old university student with my mom, 15 years after she bought me my first Cinderella VHS, watching the same movie together! Ok, the fact that at the end of the movie a 8 years old girl pointed at me yelling: “Mom look that lady has a coat the same color of Cinderella’s gown!” helped make the night very special to me. But the point is that this movie was amazing and arguably the best thing were the costumes, because it has some mesmerizingly beautiful gowns and very gorgeous dresses, which made me think about other stunning gowns I’ve loved in movies. And I know you might think that this is not very fashion related, but you’d be wrong. Some of these beauties are haute couture pieces and the amount of work and creativity behind these creations is incredible, I’m not even going to mention that some of them are the brain children of some of the most famous designers on the planet.
So I came up with the top ten – which actually is just my top ten favorite gowns from movies in no particular order – and I hope you enjoy it!

1. Cinderella’s Gown


This stunning gown was made with more than 200 meters of chiffon and 10 thousand Swarovski by Sandy Powell, it was so heavy and puffy Lily James couldn’t even sit properly during breaks.

2. Marie Antoinette’s Whole Wardrobe 


All the costumes for this movie were Italian made by Milena Canonero and won the movie an Academy Awards, the whole concept of Sofia Coppola’s masterpiece inspired numerous designer collections and even a Christian Louboutin capsule collection.

3. Katniss Everdeen’s Wedding Gown

Jennifer lawrence hunger games wedding dress

With a number of the other costumes made by Alexander McQueen this Katniss wedding gown had to be incredible and the emerging designer Tex Saverio, who created it, made it look spectacular as everyone  expected. It was made with 300 meters of tulle, two layers of feathers and thousands of crystals on the top making it look like an ice composition.

4. Angelina Jolie’s Black Gown In The Tourist 

The Tourist

This dreamy black gown by Colleen Atwood will stay in movie history as a model of class and simplicity as all the shoes in the movie which were exclusively from Salvatore Ferragamo, the fact that Angelina Jolie is the one who wears it can only make the whole thing more chic.

5. Daisy Buchanan’s Bejeweled Party Dress


Ok technically this is not a gown, but who cares? It’s amazing, created by Prada and she’s also wearing a custom made for the movie Tiffany’s headpiece. What do you want more?

6. Carrie’s Wedding Dress 


How can I not mention the custom made wedding gown that Vivienne Westwood herself deliveries to Carrie’s apartment for her wedding with Mr Big? This dress is simply stunning.

7. Anna Karenina’s Costumes 


How about Anna Karenina sixteen incredible costumes made by Jacqueline Durran, which worth Keira Knightley a reportage on Vogue? Oh also all the jewels were by Chanel, pretty cool uhm?

8. Memories Of A Geisha Kimonos 


Well these aren’t gowns either but arguably the kimonos selected by Colleen Atwood are the most incredible creations in this list, I mean meter and meters of pure silk with hand-made embroidery could make anyone look like a moving work of art.

9. Pretty Woman’s Red Opera Gown


Of course I have to include the amazing dress by Marilyn Vance who convinced us all that red was a good idea for the opera – white gloves and Richard Gere are a must to complete this look.

10. Charlize Theron Armor-Like Dress In Snow White And The Huntsman 

Snow White and the Huntsman

This movie wasn’t one of my favorite of all times but the costumes where absolutely stunning, especially the incredible gowns Colleen Atwood designed for Charlize Theron as the evil queen, my personal favorite one is this armor-like dress, and the accessories too! Where can I get that crown? Are those claws-like rings on sale somewhere?

Lisa Cantore 


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