Fashion Garden @10 Corso Como


The creator of this incredible place is Carla Sozzani,  sister of the director of Vogue Italia and fashion publisher, who decided to leave the magazine world to pursue a career as an art gallery owner.

She started her project in 1991 when she found a big garage at number 10 Corso Como, a then-notsofashionable district of Milan.

As I just said the heart of the idea was an art gallery, but 10 Corso Como quickly became much more than that: now it’s a multifunctional space featuring an amazing shop, a cafeteria, a restaurant, a book store, and a small, but luxurious bed and breakfast. 



Ms Sozzani created the first concept store in town, a place where style and fashion are everywhere.

She predicted the slow-shopping philosophy and yes, she was right: you need to take your time while visiting this little world, admire what’s around you, enjoy the glamorous atmosphere, and you will discover unique things. 

The collection of clothes and accessories is the result of a careful selection by Carla herself and it includes both super famous designer’s creations and small, but precious pieces by unknown (to me) artists.

I strongly suggest you have a look upstairs, where the gallery is located.

At the moment it hosts the exhibition of one of the most important and revolutionary photographers of all times: Arthur Elgort.


He is considered to be the master of the snapshot aesthetic, Elgort changed the fashion industry and his influence is still present in many contemporary photographers. 

I am sure most of you guys had already heard about this shop before, not many, however, will have heard of the 10 Corso Como outlet hiding nearby: quite hard to be found and almost unadvertised, it sells last season’s goods for considerably more pleasant prices: Balenciaga, Chloè or McQueen up to 30% off.

Once you’ve finished browsing the clothes, books, and art (before getting depressed because of your empty wallet) go back to the main complex, you’ll be treated to an after-shopping aperitivo in the lovely courtyard.


Do you still need any proof that Italians do it better?

Ilaria Corbari.


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