5 things to do on a sunny Sunday in Milan

1. Visit the Navigli flea market
On the last Sunday of every month, spreading across several streets in the Navigli area, there is the most amazing vintage market in town.
This is a good idea if you wake up on a warm Sunday morning and feel like wondering about, hopefully finding some precious item.
Be ready: it’s very crowded but trust me you can find any sort of antique, old jewellery, vintage clothes and –most of all- amazing designer bags.
I have miraculously tracked down a wonderful Fendi clutch dated 1970.

2. Have lunch at Un Posto a Milano
 Can you believe there is a farm in the centre of Milan? Yes, and it’s lovely.
The menu features the best of Italian seasonal market, the open dining area seems to promote healthy eating.
Sit and enjoy some food with a good glass of wine in the open air: it’s the best way to escape the city for few hours.
3. Visit Pinacoteca di Brera and its botanical garden
 This is a must visit place in the heart of the must see section of Milan.
If you are just a little interested in art you will love this gallery.
My favourite painting is “the Kiss” by Hayez, but there is a vast selection of  works to view both ancient and modern.
Why am I advising you to visit the gallery on a sunny day? Because of the garden (which is actually quite hard to find), it’s an amazing relaxing spot to get away for a while from the chaos of the centre.
4. SPA experience at QC terme
 This is a romantic and bonding experience you must try (and trust me you’ll go back there again and again).
An amazing garden with three fab outdoor pools and a sauna in an old Milan tram, in the basement you can find more relaxation rooms, steam rooms and heated suites.
Healthy juices and snacks will help you rejuvenate.
Book a relaxing massage if you can, you will live this experience at best.
5. Have a drink on the terrace of Ceresio 7
Located on the top floor of DSquared HQ, this is exactly what a posh place should look like. The design of Ceresio 7 is very neat and smart and the pool area is stunning. Enjoy the great view and cozy atmosphere just sitting outside sipping your cocktail: my advise is to end your sunny spring Sunday here.
Ceresio 7_S'Notes6-1



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  1. Nina says:

    Lovely Post!☺️


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