Style tips from our favorite “It” Girl Olivia Palermo

“I think life is about falling in love with the right person, shopping, eating our favorite desserts and traveling a lot.” – Olivia Palermo


We certainly couldn’t have said it better ourselves! From London to New York to Paris, Olivia Palermo uses the world as her runway and everything she wears looks effortlessly put together. How does she do it? She places a heavy emphasis on “feminine polished” style with a hint of masculinity, whilst always making sure that she dresses up for every occasion, especially the streets of Paris during fashion week.



Not a stranger to high street clothing, she reiterates the need to have important statement pieces that will always have a timeless feel and mixing those with more popular high street brands, listing her favorite ones as Top Shop and Mango. Nothing says timeless like a Chanel bag but one does not always have to break the bank to dress like Olivia. One of my top picks for this season would be this look she wore on the streets of NYC.


Unfortunately not everyone has the open budget of a New York it girl (though we can only dream), however, we found a few pieces that could definitely make up for that.

Zara 49.95 Euros
Zara 14.95 Euros











Zara 49.95 Euros
Zara 49.95 Euros

*Oliva Palermo’s Confidence: Priceless

Her biggest piece of advice is to always stay comfortable. This can definitely be seen in what she chose to wear on her wedding day. Pairing a simple Carolina Herrera cream cashmere jumper with ostrich feathers, and white shorts with a full tulle skirt cover, this gorgeous lady epitomizes modern day demure style, whilst still adding a mysterious beauty to everything she wears. Of course, who can forget the Carrie Bradshaw inspired blue Manolo Blahnik shoes. We are obsessed!


Nothing says sexy and confident more than loving the skin you are in and wearing the clothes that make you feel your best! We love you OP (and we love your husband too).

Kudzai Mutembwa


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