Top 5 best places for Aperitivo in Milan

Milan is the undisputed  capital of Aperitivo, in no other city is Aperitivo such a popular habit and nowhere else can you find the same level of locations and drinks.

What’s aperitivo exactly? It’s very similar to Happy Hour, but with an important difference: cocktails are served with a generous appetizer.

There are thousands of places to have Aperitivo in town, this is why I’m giving you my top 5 chart, I hope it helps you  choose wisely.


Along the Naviglio, when you enter it’s like a throwback to the thirties.

Informal atmosphere, very crowded on weekends, you are likely to meet interesting people.

Let the barman advise you, you won’t regret it. They have an amazing selection of Gins;

Cocktails are life experiences here, they all have dates as names. I suggest the 1979.
IMG_8318 (1)


The view that you can only enjoy from here is amazing, and if the weather is warm I strongly suggest you reserve a table on the terrace.

They offer a wide variety of food to be accompanied by their  good cocktails.

I would go for a classic here: Torino- Milano is my tip.



If you like exotic atmospheres you definetly must try this place. The decor of El Jadida makes you feel like you are in Marrakesh. They offer Aperitivo only on Sunday: original cocktails and delicious finger food. If you are ready to try an authentic moroccan experience order a Shisha with your drinks, you’ll enjoy it at best.



This is THE place to see the real “Milano da bere”:  if you want to meet stylish people and maybe spot a few italian celebs, this is the right place for you.

It’s located in the coolest area of Milan, it’s always crowded so consider you probably won’t find a place to sit, but don’t worry this is the coolest part: standing outside the bar you will start chatting with strangers who will become your friends by the end of the night.

Nice cocktails, forget it if you are very hungry.



Along the naviglio (yes, this is my favorite area of Milan)

They don’t officially offer Aperitivo, but trust me this place is unique.

I have had the most amazing cocktails in my life here.

I always start with an Amoreamaro (bitter love) the name evokes its taste: it’s a perfect mixture of sweetness and bitterness. They serve food which is possibly still better than the drinks.

You definitely must try.


I hope you’ll appreciate my suggestions, enjoy Milano’s best aperitivos.

Cheers guys!


Ilaria Corbari.


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