Paris fashion week highlights

The fashion month is running towards its end- it is currently at its last location, Paris, with a few days left to view the final shows! With Paris fashion week being the final location of the 4, it is also the biggest and (unofficially) the most prestigious of them all, with the french power maisons competing towards the new rising stars for the best and most talked about shows. To single it down to the crème de la crème we have selected OUR favourite shows from PFW so far!

1. Chloé


Why? Playing it with the 70’s while still sticking to its simplistic, casual chic stylistic identity- who doesn’t want to be a Chloé girl?

2. Isabel Marant

001-isabel-marant 014-isabel-marant 034-isabel-marant

Why? High waisted trousers, fisherman sweaters, silk thin dresses and geometric printed coats- Isabel Marant got it exactly right this season. The collection had this “I don’t care” parisian chic vibe- and of course, we want every piece of it!

3. Dior

025-dior 037-dior 040-dior

Why? We loved the ambience of the show- it had one of those atmospheres only DIOR has and the collection felt new, fresh and exciting. It was elegant and feminine and made a nice contrast to the latex, the (slightly odd but wonderful) animal print and the few masculine shapes. Not to mention the assoccories which made us crumble a bit as well!


The week’s questionmark: Maison Margiela

10-maisson-margiela  05-maison-margiela03-maison-margiela

Why? Hunched models, a bit of insanity and craziness, but with a few beautiful pieces we honestly couldn’t make up our minds on whether we liked or hated Galliano’s debut for Maison Margiela.

The week’s rising star: Jacquemus

JAC_0097 JAC_0243 JAC_0317

Why? He is competing for the LVMH prize for young fashion designers and has already an established fan base. He is an aesthetic rule breaker and has successfully managed to create a buzz around the brand. Even though he still has a few more steps to climb we’re certain that we will see a lot more of Jacquemus in the fashion scene in the future.

Anna Kvick
Lisa Cantore
Cecilia Carbone


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