Italy Meets Korean Fashion @ Garden K

Yesterday was a lovely – very windy but lovely – sunny day and we decided to take a walk around Navigli and explore a little bit, the shops and bars, this is an amazing place to shop for vintage clothing and purchase a real deal on some crocodile clothes or an old pair of gold classy earrings. Lots of atmospheric places, lots of attractive shops but we definitely fell in love with this place!


11021216_605792066223881_4484283870329184688_n This little shop is a unique place to shop for Korean brands, made in Italy accessories and English shoes, every single piece is chosen by the owner Miss Eunji Koo.


We instantly fell in love with the incredibly cute and unique pieces of clothing and accessories, which all reflect and capture the artsy atmosphere of the store.



Milan is full of alternative shops and trendy places where you can find rare accessories or dresses but we’ve got to say this one was really incredible! We had to refrain ourselves from having a crazy compulsive shopping session and instead took some picture for the post!



Well we definitely know where we are going to do some spring shopping! And now you do too! Let us know what you think about this lovely shop, with an oriental soul, in the comments!

Lisa Cantore Ilaria Corbari


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