Roberto Capucci: elegance, beauty, inspiration

The master of the Italian elegance, Roberto Capucci, returns to the stage with a prêt-a-porter collection. Everyone thinks about Roberto Capucci by referring to his historical Haute Couture collection, which has become internationally famous for its ability to make a woman always fascinating and seductive. As he says: “Elegance is seduction, charme, mystery. It is not pure appearance”.

Last week, for women’s fashion week in Milan, he launched a totally innovative collection that, in its modern style, never forgets fundamental rules of the Italian elegance. Contemporary sweaters, suits, shirts and coats mix high quality textiles and research of colors with them of past icons.

Roberto Capucci started to draw dream gowns when he was only 26 and immediately Christian Dior recognized in him as “the best Italian fashion designer”. Two years later he won the Filene’s Young Talent Design Award, better known as the Fashion Award, with the Box Line. Circular and square shapes covered women’s bodies without emphasizing curves but, at the same time, without hiding them.

Box Line Dress, 1958 – ph Claudia Primangeli

For his lines, Roberto Capucci observes and is inspired by art in all its sides, from shapes up to its monumentalism and then, starting from it, he elaborates a model that is going to be a real masterpiece.

“Ventagli” dress, 1980 – ph Mote Sinabel Aoki


Rigor and sensuality, two terms apparently far apart, tangle in these dresses and together give life to something that is not only a garment but that has been made to remain in the future as a piece of the Italian history.

The three little black dresses of 1961 are the most important example of what we mean, icons of the past that will continue to be the next inspiration for the future.

The three little black dresses, 1961 – Norman Parkinson Ltd

In the last presentation of the Roberto Capucci next f/w 2015-16 women’s collection, refinement, quality and style are the protagonists and the key of future success for these creations. Exclusive, innovative and luxurious textiles show a contemporaneity, that makes the hand made and sartorial manufacturing approach its main strength. Cinzia Minghetti is the team leader of a group of young designers and she follows their work carefully in every single step of the manufacturing processes up to the final work.

Roberto Capucci and Cinzia Minghetti

The Capucci f/w 2015-16 collection is being presented from February 25th to March 27th in a showroom in the heart of Milan, Via del Vecchio Politecnico 5. It is possible to look and appreciate all garments, from historical ones to the newest, and become aware of what the Made in Italy really represents in the world not only in the Haute Couture collection but also in clothes to wear daily.

Showroom Capucci, Milano
The Capucci showroom, Milan
Showroom Capucci, Milano
The Capucci showroom, Milan
Three little black dresses, "Ventaglio" dress and
Three little black dresses, “Ventaglio” dress and Box Line dresses in the showroom
Models in the showroom
Models in the showroom

After seeing the collection, we can really understand what Capucci meant when he quoted La Mère saying: “Make beauty your constant ideal”. Italians can and must do this all over the world.

Floriana Lucchesi


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