Upscale Chic Street Wear meets Luxury

How the new opening of the Annex: La Rinascente highlights a Milanese love affair with urban, contemporary ideas and clothing.

La Rinascente


With the motto, More Fashion to Life, Annex, La Rinascente is the perfect home for the person who is more of an edgy risk taker when it comes to fashion. Boasting more than 300 name brands from Nike, Pepe Jeans and American Vintage to the first and only Urban Outfitters store in Italy, there is something for all the cool kids to admire and buy. Adding three new floors to the already beautiful, vast department store, Annex provides a new fun take on fashion that we have seen taking over the runway as well as the streets. The minimalistic architecture and warehouse atmosphere adds to the shopping experience as well as the alternative feel, bringing your full attention to the trendy, funky clothes and accessories. Our opinion? Definitely worth visiting! From the moment you enter this alternate universe, your cool side will definitely come alive!

La Rinascente


What we loved most? The “Jean Bar” which has something for everyone. It is so easy to get lost in the vast amount of denim. Note to self, this place is not for the faint hearted. You will spend money but you will be guaranteed to leave feeling like the coolest kid in Milan!

La Rinascente


Kudzai Mutembwa


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