Sine Modus – The vintage air of a corner

Walking along Pomponazzi road you couldn’t imagine to find a window that says “Vintage is in the air”!

And so, walking just 20 minutes from Duomo, there’s a contemporary vintage boutique: Sine Modus.





“We physically opened this shop in September” Chiara and Manuela – the two young and beautiful owners – started telling us “… our business [has been] on the internet for two years through social networking. We usually went to flea markets in Naples so we’ve always felt this passion for vintage stuff. We met at Excelsior where we were both working, and then we decided to invest a small amount of money in what combines us.”




“We created a Facebook profile and so everything started, bringing people to us, because what makes Sine Modus different is the fact that we do customized turbans, clothes and accessories, so everyone can choose cloth and mock up and we realize what the customer wants is uniqueness. After two years we noticed it was working and we decided to open a physical space to do a larger work, having our satisfactions. Ours is a young enterprise and it is difficult to run in a period of crisis, but we’re getting loads of positive results.”




“We buy our stuff from people or markets, and we bring them back to life, taking a look at fashion shows and runways, because in what we do we need to be updated. Our prices are variegated, we have precious and casual stuff, keeping our vintage a luxury vintage.”




“We worked hard on the Milan area, joining events and making others know us, getting into the smart-set world step by step. We believe in what we do, and for this reason we’re planning to move to Porta Venezia around May, to have a better position and extend our inventory to include menswear. Giving birth to this new concept store we’d like to organize art exhibitions, books launch and live music, always keeping our concept of contemporary vintage alive.”




So go visit them at Via Pomponazzi 22 and stay tuned for more vintage news!


Elisa Grasso


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    This is a wonderful post:)


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