Milan Know-How: Dictionary

  1. APERICENA [name: /ape•ri•ce•na/]
    translation: impossible : a mystical meal that combines happy hour (aperitivo) and actual dinner (cena), a holy ritual that celebrates happiness and prosperity in the modern society.

  2. CAPPUCCIO [name: /cap•puc•cio/]
    translation: CAPPUCCINO: the only drug you will need to get yourself out of the bed every morning, perform your best at work/class and stay fresh and awake during the arch of the day.

  3. ABBONAMENTO ATM [name: /ab•bo•na•men•to atm/]
    translation: ATM BUS PASS: Milan version of teleportation – with more crowd and sweat smell…

  4. CONTROLLORE [name: /con•trol•lo•re/]
    translation: TICKET COLLECTOR: a mythological creature that haunts the dreams of young students who forget to stamp their ticket on the tram.

  5. PANZEROTTI [name: /pan•ze•rot•ti/]
    translation: impossible: a forbidden treat which can be found in proximity of the Duomo, seek for Luini – but you heard nothing from me…

  6. TENERE LA DESTRA [verb: /te•ne•re •la •de•stra/]
    translation: KEEP RIGHT: a very polite custom that should be compulsory on escalators but in Italy really isn’t.

  7. FOTOMODELLA [name: /fo•to•mo•del•la/]
    translation: MODEL: every girl’s nightmare during Milan Fashion Week, an individual that in this particular period of the year can be spotted almost everywhere and causes a lot of disappointment in normal-looking females.

  8. ALDO COPPOLA (PARRUCCHIERE) [name: /al•do •cop•po•la (par•ruc•chie•re)/]
    translation: ALDO COPPOLA (HAIRDRESSER): the holy guru of Italian hairdressers headquartered in La Rinascente.

by Lisa Cantore 


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