Grammy Awards 2015 Best and Worst Dressed

So the Oscars of music happened last night and we were nose-glued to our televisions to catch all the fashion on the red carpet and this year we weren’t disappointed. There were stars and shooting stars, and today we present to you our personal Fab or Drab compilation of the Grammy Awards 2015. Just for funsies.
Here we go!

Rihanna in Giambattista Valli Couture

One can say Rihanna looks like a macaroons pile and I could argue that she is Bad Gal Riri and she can do whatever she wants! Even pull of a puffy dress in that color, because she looks absolutely, insanely gorgeous in this gown! Style Level: America’s Next Disney Princess.

Taylor Swift in Elie Saab

I don’t know about you, but I want to rip off that dress from Taylor Swift and run away with it! How stunning is that shade? I love the subtle color block with the shoes, I love the glow that the color of the dress makes with her hair, I even love the fact that she reminds me vaguely of a peacock. Style Level: Sexy Ariel.

Zendaya in Vivienne Westwood

Ladies, out with your note pad, THIS is how you pull off a bohemian red carpet look! This is also how you show your legs without looking like a stripper – I’m looking at you Kendal Jenner.
Style Level: Boho Queen.

Gwen Stefani in Atelier Versace

Now how beautiful looks Gwen Stefani in this look? She reminded us all that you can never be wrong with a little black JUMPSUIT neither with a classy delicate make up. She looks glowy, happy and even younger! I simply love you Gwen, good job! Style Level: Who Needs Plastic Surgery?

Chrissy Teigen and Jhon Legend in Pucci

Shoutout to the loveliest couple on the red carpet! And you know what they say, couples who dress well together stay together! Style Level: Eye Candy Couple.

Ariana Grande in Versace

Ariana, you were perfect when you got out this morning! What happened to you?! Did you cut again a piece of another girl dress and glued it to your gown? I told you this is not how it works! Style Level: Dress Up Game.

Charlie XCX in Moschino

Charlie I love your music, don’t take this personally, but this look is the definition of drab. A white shiny tuxedo? Really? I don’t care if it’s Moschino or whatever else, it looks odd and wrong. Thanks God you chose to place that fur stole on top, at least it covers part of that horrible mistake… Style Level: No Excuses. 

Madonna in custom Givenchy

I know, I know… It’s provocative! It’s Madonna! But it’s also the same old story and Miss Ciccone seems like she wants at all costs be the rebel while she only look – honestly – bad in this look. Even Lady Gaga got it! And I’m talking about that girl who hatched from an egg a couple of years ago! Come on Madonna you can do it to, find a nice gown and try again.
Style Level: Same Old Story. 

Ciara in Alexandre Vauthier Couture

Part of Ciara’s dress was ready for the red carpet, part of it just wanted to stay home and watch Dancing with the Stars. It looks weird and flappy in a non pleasant way, it makes her look chubbier and it’s generally not chic. Style Level: Can We Stay Home Mom? 

Kim Kardashian in Jean Paul Gautier

And then Kim K and her boobs walked on the red carpet and everyone was like “Woooooooh”. Or not. Talking about boring outfits, Kim Kardashian has some beautiful curves and she’s not afraid to show them but don’t you think she is relying a little bit too much on the… sisters? Same story as when she walked in a Balmain dress for the AMA, but this time is a sparkling dressing gown and a belt – WHY THE BELT?!. Style Level: #SavageCleavage. 

Lisa Cantore
Cecilia Carbone
Anna Kvick 


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    Haha you guys are awesome!


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