Heaven is a place on Earth: Biblioteca della Moda.

I may or may not have already talk about this in a recent post and I may or may not have been hyperventilating about this concept ever since. Not gonna tell you, but you can immagine…
It’s just that after years of searching for a secret Eden Garden, for a little happy nook in this cold world my search is finally come to an end. And the conclusions are mesmerizing: Heaven exists, and it is a place on Earth, Milano Fashion Library (ndr. la Biblioteca della Moda).


I dare you to say that this is not the exact place you would like to be right now. Just imagine the ideal perfect combo of coziness and fashion, being sit in a comfy and puffy chair with a great vintage fashion magazine, diving head first into the magical universe of fashion publishing, practically every fashion addicts dream.

3-BibliotecaDellaModa-Gallery-1260x840_hg_temp2_s_full_l DSC_5815 DSC_5816

And if you think it’s boring just because it has the word “library” in it *shush* away because this place is much more, it’s a real life wonderland for everyone curios in fashion.
Milano Fashion Library is much more than just a place to find useful information for an article or a essay. All the magic and fantasy is captured in three simple words: Fashion Bloggers Library.

mode Biblio-libri-big

Yes, you’ve heard right, this is a thing, there’s an actual place, a physical place, where fashion bloggers from around Milan – but not only – can come and meet, discuss, organize events and shootings, and research for their articles. And it’s just a click away.
Not to mention all the cool events this Milan Fashion Library foundation organizes.
You could be a part of all of this.


Are you still not in a mood for a good read?

Lisa Cantore


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