10 Things To Do In Milan Right Now

  1. Pay a visit to Milano Triennale and find something that inspires you.
  2. Have a compulsive shopping session at the luxury store Excelsior.
    Excelsior displays
    Excelsior luxury store

    Milano Triennale
  3. Take advantage of these sunny days and have a lunch ad Ceresio 7 restaurant.
  4. Spend an entire day lost in La Biblioteca della Moda, Milan’s historic fashion archives.
  5. Visit the last days of the Boldini exposition at GAM Manzoni.
    Ceresio 7 terrace

    La Biblioteca della Moda
  6. Have the most fashionable happy hour at 10 Corso Como.
  7. Buy beautiful storage at Muji at La Rinascente ground floor.
  8. Take a long walk in Porta Nuova.
    Muji at La Rinascente

    10 Corso Como restaurant
  9. Have a vintage dinner on an ATM tram restaurant.
  10. Go cheer for EA7 Milano in a basketball match at Mediolanum Forum.
    ATMosfera-Restaurant-Tram-Milano interno
    ATM tram restaurant

    Basketball match at Mediolanum Forum

Lisa Cantore


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