The most Stunning Fashion Moments of 2014

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The new year has already started followed by new jobs, studies, plans, opportunities, ideas and coffee breaks with new people in our lives. But still, fashion is everyday surrounding us, no matter if we change our style or not, somebody does, and this inspires us! Like Anna Della Russo in the pic below, wearing Moschino during Milan Fashion show. Before getting into daily routines, lets remember the pas year and take a look at the most stunning fashion moments 2014!
Kim Kardashian – New Style Icon?

Kim Kardashian, the wife of Kanye West, was one of the most stunning/shocking/surprising woman in 2014. NO LIES! She was covering lots famous magazines, that got a lot of public attention because the pics weren’t simple or standard.  Some of the most scandalous were VOGUE April issue in where she and her husband appeared with wedding stuff or September issue of PAPER magazine, for which Mrs. Kardashian posed nude. What else? She did a lot of else. She went to watch loads of luxury fashion shows, in some of them Kim took her 1-year-old daughter North, for instance, at Paris fashion week all 3 Kardashians appeared in most of the shows.  She was called crazy, some people started to hate her, the other – love her, but like it or not, she was under paparazzi cameras most of the year. Kim has her style and her body. Provocative, creative, stylish, always requiring attention. She is Kim Kardashian.


New Best Friends

Clap clap! New best friends: Karl&Cara. Different age, different gender, different style. But something makes them match each other. Yes, dear readers, Chanel and fashion in general. Cara Delevingne refused suggestion to walk on the stage during VS Fashion show, but instead she modelled and advertised Chanel clothes in December. K. Lagerfeld and C. Delevingne worked together a lot this year and at all don’t you think they are similar in some way?..


The Influence of 70’s

From Spring 2014 collections we can clearly recognise the return to 70’s. Fashion industry’s favourite   decade does even more impact in the Fall collections of 2014. All fashion houses and designers were affected by 70’s spirit this year, but the biggest influence of sophisticated, blossoming and luxurious years. Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and also Michael Kors collections shows uncontrollable energy, which reflects enthusiastic and rising years.



Minimal&Classic: Normcore

Wisdom appears in the easiest things. Be sexy. Be classy. Be simple. By comfortable. YES, it’s about what was super popular last year: t-shirts (black/grey/white, especially), baggy boyfriend  jeans (preferably, with some or more than some holes), trainers (“Nike AirMax” became super popular) and… You are ready to go! Morning coffee, lecture, work, lunch, dinner, aperitif, club, fashion show, cinema… Whatever! This style is called #Normcore, coming from the word normal, and there is no other easier word to explain the minimal and classy style combination of 2014.


Nude in Crystals

Do you still remember who received Fashion Icon Award at 2014 CFDA Awards? Who climbed on the stage with 230,000 Swarovski crystals decorated dress? Basically, the dress was made only from crystals and Rihanna was the ONE. She only used pink fur store to hide a little bit of her body, not because she is shy, but the reason was to complete the look and not to look vulgar. In conclusion, Rihanna is Rihanna and she looked amazing.


Rules of the Queen

Lupita. An actress became famous after playing in a film 12 Years of Slave. She has a huge recognisable talent, she whiffles grace and has a personality of emotionally strong person. What is more, she is a natural beauty, that is probably why, recent news came up, Lupita Nyong signed a contract with Lancome. This year the queen was covering loads of magazines. It seems that her career path just started and her fans number is strictly increasing day by day!


From Sex&The City to Footwear Fashion Industry

Carrie or Sarah? How do you call her? The main actress of TV series “Sex&The City”, known all over the world, charismatic Sarah entered the fashion business in 2000, when because of her popularity world’s famous fashion brands started to use her face for advertising campaigns. Later she had a contract with GAP for multi seasonal advertising. Glamorous chic released her perfume called Lovely in 2005, later in 2007 Sarah launched her fashion line Bitter at Steve&Barry’s.. And now: we can announce amazing news: last February Parker started SJP Collection, a footwear line, at Nordstrom! Congrats, Carrie!


R.I.P. Oscar de la Renta

Well known haute couture award-winning designer from Santo Domingo, Oscar Aristides Renta Fiallo, who got famous in 60’s when he dressed J. Kennedy and stayed under the stage lights from that moment, passed away on 20th October. He created clothes for Balmain, Lanvin, celebrities and  royalty. He was part one of the most important people from fashion world who easily was blowing new ideas, style options and trends for more than 50 years. Rest in peace, Oscar.

Oscar de la Renta at his fashion show at Neiman Marcus-  Chevy C


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