BS4F Milan Sales Guide

Happy New Year everyone!
Hope you’re all cozy and warm up in a snuggly blanket after the Holidays craziness! These are the days in which there’s no shame in staying home and re-watch the entire third season of Gossip Girl.
But I know that while you’re sipping on an hot cup of tea or coffee – thumbs up for all the coffee people out there – there is only one thing that is running thru you’re little fashionista mind: only few days until the sale season starts!
We have dreamed and hoped, we have prayed and saved money for months and finally the days are coming, January 3rd is the official day sales start in Milan.
But how to survive the craziness? Where to go and what to buy? What to look for? Bocconi Students for Fashion team is here to help you with the personalized BS4F Milan Sales Guide .


Cyril Jordil: “When it comes to the sales  there are a few things I love to do in Milan: I always go for a visit to 10 Corso Como, to see if there is any interesting concept stores, this year I’ve loved in particular Antonioli. This season I’ve also discovered the MAG bar in Navigli with an amazing interior design and crazy style – just an example: they present to you the menus in the form of old books! And don’t forget Milano’s Triennale with great exhibitions about design”.


Beatrice Morandi: “My go-to address is without any doubt &Other Stories in  Corso Vittorio Emanuele, every season they START with 50% off on almost every product and it can only get better!”

Michelle Chen: “If it comes to outlets I go to two places: one is obviously Serravalle Outlet – practically a sale wonderland, saving a day to spend only for shopping in this amazing place is basically a must for every real Milanese! – and another is Il Salvagente right in Milano city!”



307bec7ca10f5c9048b64a927881cdfcFloriana Lucchesi: “My hint is to check out Lolita either in Via Vittorio Emanuele or Porta Ticinese, I love their ballerinas, they have all kinds of them in every color you can possibly immagine, and the prices are so low it’s incredible!”

Madison Hall Sikorski: “Fox Town! If you want all your favourite shops in the same location with amazing deals this is the place to go! Also, you can always end the day with some fondue or dinner in Como!”

6d174c0c4254178004565b3c50e19b4bLisa Cantore: “I am a very mainstream shopper and I immediately go for the popular brands I dreamt about all year! Car Shoe, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Gucci are my first stops as they start their sales with a lovely 50%/40% off!”

Indre Lastaite: “I always find something nice at Zara in via Vittorio Emanuele, if I had a million I would probably spend it all there! My other go-to places are Mango, Liu Jo and Pinko, also Coin‘s ground floor will always have a special place in my heart I love their cosmetics, bags and accessories in general!”


Ready for some crazy shopping?

Lisa Cantore



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