Sounds of Xmas

5. Coeur de Pirate – Summer Wine ⎥  Rad Hourani Spring Summer 2014

4. Allez Allez Allez – Camille  ⎥ MSGM Spring Summer 2014

3. Cosmic Bird – Jean Jacques Perrey & Air  ⎥ Jacquemus Spring Summer 2014

2. La Femme Ressort – La Femme  ⎥ MSGM Spring Summer 2015


1. Ex – Plastikman  ⎥ Invited by Raf Simons in 2013

Richie Hawtin, the legend of minimal electronic music was encouraged to take up the Plastikman name again when Raf Simons (artistic director of Dior) invited him to perform at New York City’s Guggenheim Museum for a fundraising event. Though Ex was recorded during performance, its nonstop sweep of abstract minimalism and uneasy grooves are by no means a typical live album.

Enjoy this oneiric dream with Santa.

Cyril Jordil


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