Shine bright like a diamond – May Moma

May Moma is not just another bijoux brand. It changed the concept of womens  – and soon mens – jewellery. It’s a perfect harmony of tradition and modernity. All the products are distinguished by a fine combination of Swarovsky crystals and silk. But let’s start from the beginning.

May Moma was born two and a half years ago in Milan, founded by Simona Nicolosi – a former manager working in Marketing and Communication. After a few years in the industry, she decided to quite her job in order to follow her passion – jewels design. So, five years ago she went back to school and attended a Master in jewels design at Poli.Design.

Once she finished her Master, Simona started an Internship at Damiani in order to learn the technical aspects of what was to become her new job. Afterwards, Simona finally decided to start running her own business.

The BS4F team reached Mrs. Nicolosi at her showroom and had the privilege to interview her.

“Aesthetic beauty isn’t just about creativity, but also about the caring of details”.

simona nicolosi
Simona Nicolosi

Hi Simona, it’s a pleasure to meet you! Your jewels look very different from what is already on the market. How did you come up with this idea?
S:Well, this is the characteristic that distinguish my products. I’ve always loved shiny things and soft materials, so I decided to combine the two things.

Where do you find the inspiration for your work?
S: At the beginning I was just concerned with the manual skills, like finding the right way to combine crystals with silk. Then I started focusing more on the design, and I find inspiration by observing any type of art – such as fashion, design or architecture.

Your jewels seem to have a complex architecture. How long does it take to design a full collection, and what aspects do you have to consider?
S: It usually takes about six months. Consider that I usually draw even 100 jewels, but then I have to check if they are actually feasible.fringe maymoma

Are your products Made in Italy?
S: Yes. I buy the silk in Como and the crystals from Swarovski, and they are finally assembled in a workshop I collaborate with. Made in Italy is an aspect that for me is essential, and for this reason I am also trying to collaborate with fashion bloggers in a new way. I don’t just want to show an image of my products, but I also want to send a message: they are all produced in our country.

Why is it so important for you to underline this aspect?
S: Because our artisans are the best in the World. I want people to understand that I produce my jewels in Italy because nowhere else could I find someone as good as dealing with such a delicate manufacturing process. Made in Italy means caring about details.

That is a very good point, that too often people undervalue. Now let’s talk about your target. Who do you address with your jewels and where do you mostly sell them?
S: I try to create a collection which can satisfy the needs of different consumers – from young ladies to more sophisticated women. For this reason I also offer products with a wide price range. However, 90% of my revenues come from foreign countries and only 10% from Italy. I don’t know why, but Made in Italy abroad is much more appreciated.

How do you promote your brand?
S: I attend several fairs – for example I was at Fashion Camp in Milan last Saturday – but also through digitals channel. For instance, I collaborate with fashion bloggers – especially abroad.

We often hear about our greatest talents going abroad to make fortune. Do you think that the Italian market offers any opportunity to emerging designers like you? 
S: I think in Italy there are a lot of nice things, but the market is a bit pampered. When you go abroad instead there is a sort of self-selection, because you have to be able to speak a foreign language, have a great coordination etc. What I mean is that staying in Italy means relaxing. I don’t just want to produce bijoux, I want to create a strong brand. That’s probably why I don’t feel very comfortable in Italy.

Pierandrea Miglietta


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