Humans of Milan: Patricia Manfield and Giotto Calendoli

As Bocconi Students for Fashion association created a fashion conference about Communication Trends in the Fashion Industry and hosted popular bloggers, the Vogue editor and street style photographer, I had a chance to talk to Patricia Manfield and Giotto Calendoli ( in order to find out where they get the inspiration for their exquisite taste and how would they define it.


Patricia describes her style : ” I am really eclectic. I go from really, really, really elegant to  really sporty and I also love the mix between the two. I usually tend on being very minimal and basic, and just putting an accessory and basically that’s it.”

When I asked her who her idol was, her immediate response was Caroline de Maigret! Patricia did not resist to say that Caroline is amazing. Patricia also added that she loves the style of unknown women from old street photography books from 50s.

Giotto describes his style: “My look is between classic and comfy, because I feel comfortable when I wear shirts, jackets, coats, boots and trousers, jeans… everything but basic, nothing too much.”

When I asked who his idol was, his answer was absolutely adorable: “My grandpa, for sure!” He also stated that he loves Nick Wooster.


In the picture above: Patricia and Giotto posing with Fabio Messana, the Vogue Jewelry editor

For people who do not know, Patricia is 22 and she is the current student of Istituto Marangoni, second year of Fashion Business Course. Giotto is 25 and they both come from Napoli. After some time spent in London, they both transferred to Milan. The blog that they are writing is focused on both women and menswear, just as much as on cooking and travels.

Angie Pavlovic


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