Christmas Shopping Know-How at Cargo Hi Tech

It’s mid December and I can almost materially feel your desperate need to find a Christmas present for your loved ones. And I got you angel faces. I got you.

Right in the pulsing fashionable heart of Milan – Corso Como – lays a (not so) hidden gem, a magical place that can make all of you dreams come true. I’m talking about Cargo Hi Tech AKA “that place where you WILL find all of your Christmas present this year”.


You name it they have it! Home decor, indie clothes, perfumes, eventually everything you can desire for cooking, books, incredible furniture for your living room/bathroom/kitchen, traveling necessities, hi tech devices I could go on for pages, but I think I passed the concept here.

This place is a mini combination of Ikea, Maison du Monde, Muji, La Rinascente basement floor AND everything you’ve ever seen on Pinterest and you never found anywhere on this planet.


I know what you’re thinking at this point, I’ve been there: “But everything I like is usually really expensive, I’m so totally going to fall in love with some of this stuff and it’ll break my heart cause I’ll be too pricy for me”! Don’t panic my lovely friends, the price range at Cargo is very affordable, you can easily leave this place with more stuff that what you would like to admit.high-tech


This place is huge! You can find everything you need and don’t need, and I assure you that you WILL NOT leave Cargo empty handed, it’s like a law of physic.

Isn’t it the perfect place where to find a gift for all those people you have absolutely no idea what to give for Christmas? Your mom? There’s a whole section dedicated to spa perfumes and luxury body treatments! Little brother? How about a camera that you can assemble yourself? If you have no ideas, Cargo will provide some.



Bonus hint: it’s right beside Eataly and California Bakery, it’s up to you!

Are you sure you still don’t want to go Christmas shopping?

by Lisa Cantore


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