Beauty and the city: your need-to-go adresses

Coco Chanel used to say “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”, but if class is an innate gift, every girl has to make some effort to be always gorgeous in this grey city. That is why I want to share with you my fav beauty spots.

1. Bahama Mama 


When I moved to Milan I just tought that there were only those Chinese aseptic rooms where you could get a decent manicure. Then, the pink neon banner of Bahama Mama drew me to enter. I found out a cozy saloon with cool interior design, a sexy lingerie shop but also a bar. You can’t imagine how relaxing it is to sit on a sofa for a pedicure and chat while the expert Bahama Mama beauty specialist take care of your feet and hands.  Only American high quality products are used and high standards of hygene are respected. If you get bored easily while waiting for your nail polish to dry, don’t worry there is always an exciting concert on the screen or you can always taste hot tea on cold days. Moreover, we all know how difficult it is to find time for yourself during stressing weekdays, thank goodness Bahama Mama is open until 10 PM and you can also invite a friend for a mani-happy hour!

Bahama Mama

Viale Col di Lana, 1, 20136 Milano  –  02 8940 4538

2. Maison Mami Colors


Spin off of the chic (and expensive) Maison Mami, the hair stylists of Corso Italia will give you the best suggestions for a colorful touch or a stylish cut. Enter in this fab store, take a sit in the shining retrò chair and choose your favorite hair care cocktail. Finally, you will find a vanity table, perfect to ask the question “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?” and your Istangram followers won’t lie! 😉

Maison Mami Colors

Corso Italia, 18, 20122 Milano – 02 72008560

3. Benefit Brow Bar


If some years ago eyebrows were not exactly the first step for the feminine population routine, after the Cara obsession your facial arches are in the spotlight. That is why you should definetely book an appointment at Benefit Brow bar where the Benefit team will study your visage to design the eyebrown shape that perferctly fit you. Moreover, I personally suggest you to take the opportunity to buy the eyebrows kit “Brow Zings”, just to be sure to have these secret tools always with you!

Benefit Brow Bar

c/o Sephora – Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 24 Milano – 0276280495

4. Caudalie


Imagine a SPA in the French countryside using only products made from grape… but actually you are in your office/library with a stressing life and no time to go on vacation. Luckily, Caudalie has a secret room in its Milanese boutique where you can escape from your daily routine just a metro stop away. Try the Gommage Crusched Cabernet treatment in which the properties of brown sugar, grape-seed oil and our Divine Oil will help you regain smooth, fresh skin in just 50 minutes.

Caudalie Milan

Via Fiori Chiari, 14 20121 Milan – 0236745540

5. Terme di Porta Romana


Have you finally got a day off and all your friends are busy? Indulge in a day ticket to paradise: come to Terme di Porta Romana, turn you smartphone off (ok you can take a snap to make to make your digital audience envy) and then, you have just to decide whether to start from whirpools, water falls, water jets, sauna bath, steam bath, salt room, or wellness tram. Then you can opt for a tailor made massage or enjoy the free buffet in order to get a totally relaxed experience. Tip: you can buy a ticket as a gift, you will get a luxurious shopping bag with the ticket inside and you surely make your friend, mum or sister the happiest woman in the world.

QC Terme Milano

Piazzale Medaglie d’Oro, 2 angolo Via Filippetti 20135 Milano – 02.55199367

Luciana Tornabene



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