Humans of Milan: Fabio Messana

“Come as you are, but better if you’re in Pajamas.”

-Fabio Messana


We were honored to welcome THE FABIO MESSANA, Fashion Editor of VOGUE Accessory, as one of the guest speakers at our fabulous (if we do say so ourselves), Communication Trends in The Fashion Industry conference, held on December 3rd, 2014.

First impressions are everything (so make them fashionable!) and Fabio surely did that. He exudes passion, elegance and eloquence while still staying completely benevolent.

We asked Mr. Messana to describe his style/inspiration in one sentence and his ever so charming response was, “Come as you are but better if you’re in Pajamas.”


Fabio Messana
Fabio Messana

Photo: Cecilia Carbone

Want more Fabio? Follow Mr. Messana on Instagram!

Ps. Stay tuned for all the news, pictures and videos from the conference and an exclusive BS4F interview with Fabio!


Madison Hall Sikorski


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