Brazil meets Japan in Milan @ Temakinho

What’s better than a fresh, soft and rich roll of delicious sushi? The exact same concept with Brazilian ingredients!


You might think this is madness but trust me my friend, it is not. Just pop into Temakinho and you’ll believe me. This magical place mixes Brazilian atmosphere with amazing Japanese food, Temakinho is one unique place where you can dine with sushi rolls while sipping a caipirinha and listening to some great Brazilian jazz.


Love the concept now eh? I bet you do!
Who wouldn’t love to chose between dozens of freshly made exquisite temakies prepared with tropical ingredients? And did I mention that you can pick your favorite between a selection of the best Brazilian beers? Yes, yes you can. Temakinho has some great baristas and incredible master chefs located in Brera or Navigli and ready to please your lovely belly.

Do I need to say something else? They are supporting 2 charity projects to help Rocinha children through the NGO “Il Sorriso dei Miei Bimbi“. These guys are seriously incredible. They use their popularity to help children in need, going to their site you can discover more bout the projects.


Haven’t I convinced you yet? Well here are some other mouth watering pictures of Temakinho’s very special and unique cuisine!

Temakinho _ Rome - 11


                                                 Haven’t you made a reservation yet?

Lisa Cantore


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