Masterpiece ⎯ Label2

She is from Bosnia and Herzegovina, he is native of Serbia. Andrea Popovic and Alen Pinku met each other in Milan at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. From this friendship Label2 was born, a concept that erases the boundaries between Art and Fashion.

This is the metamorphosis of the human body into a work of art. Neoprene ⎯  the secret ingredient of the duo ⎯  gives unexpected shapes and emphasises the minimalistic aesthetic of the silhouette. Contemporary muse, the Label2 woman is statuesque and determined.

When was the brand born?
Alen: We started to work together 4 years ago, but things got serious in 2012.

Do you have a menswear collection or are you only focus on womenswear?
Andrea : With our previous collections we tried to manage both genders by making the pieces unisex as much as possible with an accent on womenswear. For the new collection there will be some changes.
Alen : Coming soon !

ed4Photo: Riccardo Bernardi

Where do you produce the clothes? 
Andrea : Quality is a key component of our work. It was vital for us to produce everything in Italy, here in Milan.

How do you perceive the Fashion stage of Milan for new designers? 
Alen : Being a young designer in Milan is not always easy, you don’t get much benefits for that, but we must admit that we have more success out of Italy, especially in Northern Europe.
Andrea : Our style is not very commercial, but more artistic. It seems that we are closer in terms of design to the Northern Europe and Asia.

ed1Photo: Riccardo Bernardi

What is the concept behind Label2?
Andrea : Precision, originality and an artistic point of view.

Where do you find your inspirations?
Alen : We take some inspirations about our past, the history of our own countries and the system in which we grew up, socialism.

What about music? 
Alen : Music is for sure important in our creation process and it is mostly electronic music.

ed2Photo: Riccardo Bernardi

You play with the lines, you redefine the concept of volumes. You’re not only fashion designers, but also architects of clothes. What is the message you would like to convey through your brand?
Andrea : I wouldn’t call ourselves architects, it seems too heavy for our creative process, but we will think about it ! (both laugh)
Alen : Be strong and fulfill your needs.

Neoprene is one of your trademark. Why have you chosen to use this specific material? 
Andrea :  Neoprene allows us to bring out new unexpected forms. We started to use it when it was not as widespread and people did not know anything about it. Today, as you can see, it has expanded almost everywhere.

Recently you have seen Lady Gaga wearing Label2. How does it feel to see one of the most important popstars in the world wearing your clothes?
Alen : No word to describe this wonderful feeling. The moment when you see the picture and realize that your piece is worn by an extravagant personality like Gaga!
Andrea : Who knows who’s next?!

ls_20131017_175.jpgPhoto: Lukasz Szelag

Cyril Jordil.


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