Love for fashion from the early days- Juozas Statkevicius


You become what you wish to be.

And this belief brings us to…

Lithuania, country in the Eastern Europe. So small and where such a big person was born. Juozas Statkevicius knows what it means to go for your goal and to reach it. It is not only about success and “right people you meet”, it is also about hard work, sleepless nights and big dreams.

Juozas Statkevicius (or Josef Statkus how he is called abroad) was born in the city of Lithuania which is known because of people wear work-out outfits even when they go out on dates or wear heels and sports bag for job meetings, Kaunas. And he was born to change this attitude of fashion in Lithuania, -> now we can really state: he DID IT . Currently Juozas Statkevicius is well known Lithuanian fashion and theatre costume designer, who’s works were showcased in “Vogue”, “L’Officiel”, “Elle” & ”Harper’s Bazaar”.
Josef started his own way from the early days of his life, and his mind was different from that time Lithuanians facing the plain and grey Soviet Union. At that moment, he decided to study Fashion design and he attained two diplomas, which is not common. He continued his studies abroad: 2-month traineeship in Holland, 3-month practice in Sweden and then an internship in the Angelo Tarlazzi Fashion House in Paris, France. It took some time for him to train until he started creating his own real collections and building a circle of private customers.
Wife of Lithuania’s ex-president V.Adamkus. President of Latvia V.Freiberg. Loads of celebrities in Lithuania. Bjork. Naomi Watts. Nicole Richie. Odre Gruss. Svetlana Griaznova. And three dots are needed to be there – these all people are the clients of J. Statkevicius. It is not surprising that One french jewellery master – David Daim – said
Juozas is like Lithuanian mister Yves Saint Laurent
Books and newspapers write about his every movement and impact in the fashion world, not only in Lithuania. But this is not strange: Juozas Statkevicius is a creator of haute couture in his motherland and abroad. He creates a style for a classy person, simple but shocking, a little bit aggressive sometimes, or soft and dreamy. Juozas can be whoever he or his clients want. It’s a talent to be on time and at the certain place, and never get rid of ideas. Millions of fashion shows made in Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, France, U.S. , even Australia, until he settled in his birthplace, where he has his fashion house.
Only some of his awards are mentioned below:

2012 Diploma of Ministry of Culture and memento “The Gold Cross of the Scene” for the best costumes in 2011

2011 Presidential award of the Lithuania State – Knight’s Cross of the Order “For Merits to Lithuania”

2011 Diploma of Ministry of Culture and memento “The Gold Cross of the Scene” for the best costumes in 2010

2002 LVMH award (Paris) for the best progress

2002 T-Shirts with Vilnius portrait was designed and made to Vilnius Municipality Order. Now these t-shirts are exposed in the National Museum.

2001 LVMH award (Paris) for debut

2001 Occacional ensembles for Latvian President Mrs. Vaira Vyke-Freiberga

2000 “COSMOMADA” award for Cosmopolitan fashion

1998 St.Christopher’s Annual Award for Best Theatre Costume Design


A renown person wrote 2 books: “Beauty accent”(2006)&”I know what You need”(2008). They are photo albums of his works during the years, including some style advice and an incredible impression of his passion for fashion. Moreover, could you imagine a huge celebrity without his own fragance? Of course not! Unique “Juozas Statkevicius Eau de Perfume” is on sale.



Something fresh??

On the 13th November Juozas Statkevicius lastest collection was presented in Vilnius. The main idea for spring/summer collection has soft Moroccan breeze of cultural details.

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Check out a video from the enchanting and captivating autumn evening in Vilnius !

 Indre Lastaite


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