Artisan Wonderland is in town with “L’Artigiano in Fiera”

If you’re looking for a place for early Christmas shopping without feeling ashamed about it, you’re in luck my friends. This weekend “L’Artigiano in Fiera” debuts in Rho-Fiera and it will stay open from 29th November up to 8th December everyday from 10.00 am to 22.30 pm with no need to pay the ticket for the entrance.


This is the very favorite place for real Milan people to satisfy their forbidden need for handcrafted goodies from all around the world. Looking for artisanal beer? They have it – from 50 different countries. Scarves from Malaysia? No problem. About getting a fancy nail art from some of the emerging talents in Milan? Check.



Everything your crafty little mind can imagine will be found in this colorful and multi-ethnical labyrinth of happiness.

The only negative aspect? SO.MANY.PEOPLE. Keep in mind this true Milanese rule: avoid the weekend and choose an unusual day!


In all this lovely mess, what to do? What to look for? What do you absolutely need to see? Easy, search for the Italian stands where you can taste tons of samples of any type of food, without any doubt the must-do experience of this event.

Not a foodie? Are you already in the Christmas spirit? Can’t wait to set your Christmas tree? Wonderful, this is the jolliest place in Milan at the beginning of the holidays season! You can find  decorations, presents and more, just take a walk in this crafty wonderland, and trust me you won’t be disappointed at all.


Lisa Cantore


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