Workshops: The Trend Researcher

To every season there is a trend. In fashion, this is an inevitable fact.

Be it a color, a fabric or a shape — from the window displays of luxury shopping streets to cheap fast-fashion retailers; the teeny bopper to the sophisticated male — trends are omnipresent.

How do trends come and go? How do trends repeat and evolve? Gianni Fontana and Fiorenza Spezzapria from Milan Style Academy solved this question during the BS4F Trends Workshop.

First, a trend (or “directions”) is a combination of past events that will have an impact on future events and it will determine the aesthetic. A trend can be defined as a research evolutive path, then supporting both creative and marketing activities. This is why the trend researcher has to gather information on the political, social and economical environment, and how it impacts consumers.

The researcher has to collect data from the analysts and then translate with his or her sensibility in the designer language. In fact, the designer has to know the forecast for the future season in order to  shape his collection. It is a continuous trade-off between the brand DNA and what people will be wanting. A selection of palette, fabrics from the textile fairs (such as Milano Unica) and inspiring pictures, provided by the style consultant, are usually the starting point to developing the collection.


After the final choice of prints, patterns and the product map, fashion and technical drawings take place, therefore we can have a clearer vision of next season trends.fashion2

Are you interest in trend research? Discover more about this hidden side of fashion by attending Milan Style courses (

Fiorenza Spezzapria – Design Fashion Lab was established in Milan in 1988. In over 20 years of activity, the Studio has collaborated with many brands in the fashion sector in both Italy and the Far East (Japan and China).

Gianni Fontana – Jungle Link Principal of Milan Style Academy, marketing consultant with a great passion in fashion, art and design, partner at

 by Luciana Tornabene


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