Humans of Milan: Rossella Jardini

“I always say, I am the most elegant woman I know”

-Rossella Jardini

The BS4F team strikes!

With our cameraphones and nifty notebook, the BS4F team brings our readers out and about on streets of Milan, searching for the creme de la dream (because double creme is bad for your health) to seek out the faces for our “Humans of Milan” feature, which showcases the people who live in Milan and the unique style they bring with them. Okay, Humans of New York inspired our team but we decided to give it a Milanese twist, asking them to characterize their style in few words.

And guess who we found?!

THE ROSSELLA JARDINI! Creative director of Moschino! As our first feature for this interesting segment (or so we think…).

Rossella Jardini (Creative Director of Moschino)


We asked Ms. Jardini to describe her style and she replied with the utmost confidence, “I always say, I am the most elegant woman I know”.


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  1. Great post with interesting content
    Can’t wait for more!
    Best wishes, R


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