Sacred & Profane ⎯ Mavranyma

“This is not just about black and minimalism. There is something else —  something almost divine which immediately catches your attention.”


Mavranyma is an Italian brand from Montefano, a small village in the province of Macerata. The project started in winter 2012 and took shape one year later: one year to understand the tough business world of fashion start-ups and to build the DNA of the brand. Now, Mavranyma is more than ready to get in the market and you risk tasting the forbidden fruit.

As the 7 deadly sins, Lust in Fashion asked 7 questions to the designer, Elia Francinella.

Directed by : Gianluca Grandinetti   /  Assistan Director : Giuseppe Puocci  /  Written by : Elia Francinella, Gianluca Grandinetti   /   Music : O:M

1.Where the name Mavranyma comes from ? 
This is mix between two words. “Mavros” in greek which means black and “anima” which is the Italian word for soul.

2.What is the meaning of your logo ?
The semi-circle symbolises the soul whereas the line is associated to the mind. It also creates the shape of the letter M, which is a reference to Mavranyma.

3.As an Italian brand do you use the label “made-in-Italy” ? 
Yes everything is made-in-Italy, which justifies the high price of the clothes ( “209€ a shirt”, ed.). The shirts are made of Jersey and cotton.

4.We clearly see a link between Fashion and Religion in your work. Why have you chosen this thematic ?
We wanted to design something new in order to differentiate ourselves in the market, but also don’t forget our minimalistic guideline. That’s why Religion appeared to us like the perfect mix.

Now let’s pray to have orders !

5.What are your other influences ? 
Most of all geometry, quality and of course black.

6.Why promote the brand through Fashion Films ? 
Because it fits with the conceptual vision of the project. Even if it takes more times and a it’s a real challenge to organize everything it worth! We have participated in Berlin, Rome and Milan Fashion Films Festivals, this is a good way to promote the brand.

7.In three words how could you describe your brand ? 
Harmony, minimalism and androgynous.

by Cyril Jordil


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